Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011


Common with celebrities is the forming of alter ego's.

An alter ego is the forming of a second personality within the celeb, how this helps them? I don't know.

And yet this practice seems to be very common, especially with those already tied to the illuminati cult as the most popular of all, is the Beyonce alter ego" Sasha fierce" a wildly untamed version of herself, whom many believe was born and given to her from the illuminati cult.

Now a new celebritrity has given birth to her own new alter ego,

Who is she: Lady Gaga!

Naming her alter ego: Joe Calderone

"Joe" ? Yea her second personality is a man, I really don't know wat she's up to but what ever she does with her new man personality, I pray many do not take too seriously.

See her above with photography Terry Richardson!

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