Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Wiki-Leaks Claims Steve Jobs DIED OF HIV...SAYS THEY HAVE PROOF.

Truely the people at wiki-leaks are some very heartless "mkpofu`s" just a few days after Steve Jobs death then they come out to say that he died of HIV. Now how they come about these facts, i don`t know, but this is exactly what they have displayed on their website.

Here`s an excerpt from their website:
   Two photos, purporting to be part of Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs medical file, show a HIV positive status . . .
If Steve Jobs did have HIV, it is possible that his pancreatic cancer was a Kaposi's sarcoma, which are noted to emulate pancreatic cancer in HIV-positive patients. Steve Jobs also follows a diet occasionally recommended to AIDS patients as an alternative therapy.

what do you feel about this. Is it right to do this?

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