Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Remodelling The Bedroom!

So as I returned from my vacation in Asaba, I got to the house and soon,to my heavenly abode(my bedroom), then suddenly it hit me, I needed to remodel my room(wahala), but I did, yesterday, changing light fittings, beddings, repositioned the furnitures and re-sized some excess furniture. That's why today I want to share some tips I got from the internet about remodelling your bedroom!

Tip #1: Lighter is Better - since your bedroom is a place for relaxation using lighter more natural colours usually works better (use a shade of green if you like), but if you like deeper colours like red opt for coral red or red-brown.

Tip #2: Space and Time - If your bedroom is small, why not take away large furnitures, re-sizing your furnitures to fit the dimensions of your room could appear much better than imagined. Ensure too to keep the bed area strictly for the bed and the closet area strictly for the clothes, doing this would give your room a larger appearance.

Tip #3: Nature loves Light- the key to a serene bedroom is using natural lights, you might go with the classic ceiling or wall lights, or do something exciting like having your lights hang from the ceiling like stars.

simple room
Tip #4: Arrange Furnitures Simply- If you must keep all your bedroom furnitures arrange them so they look interesting, find interesting angles for furnitures, be sure also to keep a pathway from the door to the bed, its advice-able to keep pathways broad(depending on room size). An interesting room decor can help improve the way you sleep.
I hope I've been helpful.

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