Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011


FROM SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY:  News of the family fued between the Obama`s and the Kadashian`s dropped on my laptop like hot sauce. Apparently the US 1st lady Michelle Obama made the Kadashian`s very angry when she reiterated to the press why her president husband doesn`t allow his daughters watch the kadashian sisters show on E! stating that he "feels there is nothing to be gained or "learned" from watching the Kardashian girls on TV"  and that she totally agrees with him.

By the time wind of this got to Kadashian camp the girls were really surprised that the white house wasn`t their fan especially after president Obama had told Khloe Kadashian when they met last year that he thought Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a "great show." so what went wrong and who must be lyin?

Anyway one of the sisters couldn`t wait to find that out as a website national enquirer reported that one of them probably Khloe called michelle a ‘two-faced’ pretender, who lives a traditional lifestyle in the open and ‘takes every vacation she can’.
well i hope they find a way to undo all this bruhaha.

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