Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Police Closes Case On ABSU Gang Rape With Flimsy Excuse.

The Abia state police has released an official statement with regards to the "rape" incident that reportedly happened at ABSU. The police department reckons that the girl consented to the affair. Their statement:


The Abia State Police command has explained why it suspended investigations into the gang rape that happened in its Abia State University. The state police command said the girl-victim consented to the rape. An online website monitoring the case yesterday reported that commenting on a DVD tape sent to his CP to expedite investigations into the activities of the criminal gang, J.G. Micloth, the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Abia State Police command Criminal Investigation Department said the lady had consented to the gang crime. He was quoted as saying that after watching the DVD, he said he did not see the young lady resist the rape.
Case closed.

Can you believe this.

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