Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

How Pandemonium Gripped Iyana-ipaja yesterday When A Policeman Stabbed Driver to Death

As i was returning from my vacation to Asaba yesterday, i got a text from my friend Osi that there was commotion in Iyana-ipaja as agbero and policemen were fighting (i.e fierce gun battle)... but i was already heading for that direction as that was meant to be the final bus stop for the God is Good motors i was following, besides i was talking to one chick so i took very little notice of the warning.. "advice to turn back"

Anyway when i got to iyana-ipaja i didn`t see any shooting but i later learnt that the wahala started when one MOPOL (name withheld) stabbed an unamed trader to death for refusing to buy him a bottle of beer.

Now am begining to wonder whether our civilian facing law enforcements agents should be prevented from carrying life threatening weapons like guns and knives, if they only intend to use them on unarmed citizens.

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