Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Ghanian prophet Peter Anamoh predicts Catastrophic disaster or End of the world in November

I know how most of my readers hate all these end of the world messages but there is something about this one, first he was accused of charging money for entry into the gates of heaven, when i saw that heading i was tempted to find out more about this Ghanian prophet Peter Anamoh,
In a statement denying that he is charging ¢5 million as gate fee to heaven 
relating to a prediction made early this year that the world shall witness a catastrophic disaster similar to the days of Noah.
The prophet had this to say:
  “To begin with, I never said anywhere that people should pay ¢5M as heaven’s gate fee in connection with the catastrophic disaster which I prophesied, will strike the world in November this year. Let me also, put on record, that I am neither a fraudster nor a trickster, as the article sought to portray”.

“The message that I came out with, was about a global catastrophic disaster which God revealed to me on the basis of my working in total obedience to Him, for the past 12 years as His prophet to the nations. The message which must be taken seriously by all people all over the earth, is that, a very great and devastating catastrophe the likes of which has never taken place, will strike the world in November 2011. The good Lord also, gave me the sole obligation and mandate, to send the warning signal across the world, for everybody to hear and prepare”.

the only event i know will happen in november is the Partial Solar Eclipse: on Friday, November 25, 2011. Although we may not notice it in this part of the world.
For more info on the prophecy click the link above.

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