Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

Derenle Hits It BIG TIME With Channel O

Weird and Crazy are the words that sometimes come to my mind when i see Derenle Edun, naturally because of his dress sense, yet he has managed to prove that it pays to stand out and be unique.

From the moment he first steped into the scene presenting music shows for soundcity it almost seemed that something wasn`t right with this fellow amidst speculations about his sexuality and the infamous pictures of him kissing charlie boy, well all that behind him now, the icon has some-how managed to hold his own, makig sure he stayed out of the public light since then, while rumours were spreading round that he was trying to land a spot on American based cable tv BET (Black Entertainment Television).

Although i can say for a fact that he didn`t get the job at BET but somehow Derenle managed to clinch a bigger one with DSTV`s Channel O, when i saw him on channel O, i was just a bit puzzled yet i knew, even before he revealed it, that he now moved on to greener grasses.

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