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Deji Falope, Malta Guiness Street Dance presenter beaten to pulp by thugs sent by girl friend.

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Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa presenter, Deji Falope, is still nursing a swollen eye, excruciatingly painful ribs and a deep-seated paranoia. Reason; he was beaten to a pulp days back by thugs alleged to have been set after him by his half-caste girlfriend of almost two years. According to sources, the thugs visited the MTN  Y`ello TOP 10 co-presenter at his  Lagos home around 7am, and quickly settled down to business, raining kicks and blows on his fragile body while he was close-marked by his assailants,
foreclosing any chance of escape until they were done with their brief. As the story goes, some minutes after the thugs left, and while still reeling from the shock and pains, an undisguised police jeep came and whisked the fast-speaking presenter away, thus throwing family and friends into confusion as to his whereabouts. “Several checks at the neighbourhood police stations did not yield any result and his phones were switched off. So we could not reach him. It was much later in the day that we learnt that he was at Area F,” says a close friend of Falope.

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The thin thread that bound the showbiz personality and his former love, who reportedly works at a Lagos-based animation and management company, snapped irrevocably when he discovered her sordid past. E-Punch source discloses that the half-Phillipino, half Nigerian lady actually has a child from a previous relationship; a child she had introduced to Falope as her niece and whom she treats as such. Falope’s friend says further, “Deji also found out that she had been scamming him all along while also taking his belongings like his flat screen television, Galaxy Tab and so many other things in the course of their relationship.” Falope’s only offence was his discovery that he was about being scammed by a woman he had planned to marry last May but decided to tarry when he began to see beyond his nose.

What has now worsened the case, E-Punch gathers, is that threat letters are being sent to Digideep, as Falope is also known in showbiz circles, asking him to keep what he knows about the lady to himself or lose his life. Falope refused to speak with E-Punch on the issue.

Attempts to reach the lady were unsuccessful as at press time yesterday.

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