Jumat, 02 September 2011

What is this!!

Hello guys I recently discovered this write-up on the internet and if you understand it or anything about it, kindly explain it to me sometime. (Ps note the part about garden of eden)

The veiled creator of men.his name was mene.he was nemu.he was narmer,he was ur-nemu of sumeru-the grand architect of the famed garden of eden.
He was meninath,an omniscient being who is fully realised.understanding all the universals laws and dynamics in the universe.in jain they are termed thrithankars.there is no trithankar in this planet now.the living trithankars in this universe are 17 in a planet known as mahavide kshetra (possibly tyche in the oort cloud).
The veiled creator of men is selk-he is of the fame of scorpion king.it is him who directed the nile river to khemet from its source of the hapi(read happiness)mountains which is present day east africa(azania)urwanda,burundi congo.
He directed the rivers of tigris,euphrates to the famed hanging gardens..
It is reputed that mene had manifested excessive luxury on the land.gold and rubies were plenty as the sand.
He built and alligned the pyramids to the constellation of orion.this is the essense of sacred geometry.
He was har hor on from which the halleluia incantation is derived.
He is the word of power a mene which render useless prayers potent.
He cried all the time.he who recreated men.so it is that there was great war famed mahabharat of gita.the holy sages in india claim to know.having gambled a kingdom they sought to reclaim it by military and v.deep mystic science of descended deities.it is claimed the war was won,only when the krsna set to enjoy his war trophy-unexpected danger-shot with an arrow at heel of foot(hercule) and eaten by his own kind who had turned cannibals..thus mene had the 1st inscription of the dead trampled by a bull painting pallet.and the heavenly cow code.
He was arishtaneth-the one who in physical body departed from earth on a spherical disk-time space travel to another plane of existence,another universe.thus jaggernaut-immortal time space traveller who roam the multi universe.
It is because of this that much is not known or said of him.the ruby dynasty-he is adinath siva.

Whew! Only God knows!!

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