Kamis, 01 September 2011

Kim Kadashain's husband meets face to face with the guy who stars in her sex tape.

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Na wah for this story o! But this is what happened when newly wedded kris humfreys(white guy) met the guy his wife "banged" just to get recognition.  (the other guy)

It happened that both men were travelling 1st class by plane and somehow they managed to sit opposite each other on the plane, although when kris noticed this, he moved out of his chair to the seat infront of the R&B singer.

Moments later Ray J walks up to kris to congratulate him on his marriage only for kris to act like he didn't recognise him,

Then Ray J said: "Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations."

 Kris replied: "Oh yeah, yeah, I'm sorry I know who you are."
Just imagine how the young man might have felt

Anyway, Kim and Ray's explicit video has been valued at more than £18million by its owners, who have been approached to sell it.

The word around is that kim herself has been trying to buy off the video, so as to stop any further productions of the tape.

 Here is a pix of a scene from the sex tape shot in a hotel room. Sealed with a kiss.

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